Longwinded: Top 5 Longest Things Ever Written

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For any of you who have ever gotten an assignment to read Tolstoy for your literature class, or been handed the manuscript for a friend’s novel, or decided to really get into the Bible, we just have to say this: You ain’t read nothin’ yet. The longest books ever written make “War and Peace” look like “Skirmish and Nap Time.” Our hats go off to anyone who has ever gotten through these epic works. Hell, out hats go off to anyone who ever even tried! These are the longest things ever written.
Longwinded: Top 5 Longest Things Ever Written

2The Longest Poem Ever

Image Credit: Wikimedia
The longest poem ever penned gives new meaning to the word “epic.” It was written in the 10th century and, presumably, people have been trying to get from start to finish of the piece ever since. Firdausi was the poet, a man of Persian descent and endless free time. His masterwork is a poem called “Shahnama” or “The Book of Kings.” It weighs in at just less than 2,100 pages, by modern printing standards. “Shahnama” has more than 60,000 verses, which took Firdausi more than three and a half decades to write.

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