The Top 5 Craziest Clubs on Earth

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Whether it’s to blow off steam at the end of the work week, a night on the town to celebrate or an exciting excursion during a vacation, people love to hit the scene and throw down wads of cash on fancy drinks, prowl for available singles and cut loose while gyrating to deafening music. What better place to do all that than at a club? And the bigger the better. Big clubs have become a big business, with hotspots all over the world vying to have the most lavish lounges, the loudest tunes and of course the finest bars. We found a few clubs that have taken the scene to whole new levels. If you have cash to burn and you can get on the list (and you don’t think clubbing is stupid) then dance your way on into one of the crazy clubs.
The Top 5 Craziest Clubs on Earth

2Webster Hall – New York

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The craziest thing about Webster Hall is its amazing longevity. This place opened its doors back in ’86 and it’s still going strong. And no, we don’t mean 1986, even though nearly three decades of success is a great run for the nightclub industry. We mean 1886. A fixture of the (on-again off-again) popular East Village, Webster Hall features a dance club, a concert venue and space intended for private parties. The operators of WH claim that more than half a million people revel there each year. Considering it is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, that’s one packed house.

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