Top 5 Crimes Committed by Squirrels

You love to watch them frolic in the park, eat pine cones and even water ski. They’re so beloved they’ve overcome their unfortunate classification as rodents to leap their way into American hearts. Who doesn’t love squirrels? People who’ve been terrorized by squirrels, that’s who. Squirrels have you right where they want you, America, because the only thing squirrels love more than being the object of public adulation is pulling off major crimes. Dogs have been trying to warn us for decades, and we didn’t listen.
Top 5 Crimes Committed by Squirrels

4The 2011 NL Division Playoffs

You streak across the field at a sports stadium, you get thrown in the slammer. But that didn’t stop one rebellious squirrel from running onto the field crossing home plate during the 2011 N.L. Division playoffs between the Cardinals and the Phillies and in doing so making a mockery of the national pastime. Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt said that the squirrel distracted him on a pitch that was called a ball. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel alluded to the need to arm baseball clubhouses in order to deal with future threats. "Being from the South and being a squirrel hunter, if I had a gun there, might have did something," Manuel said.
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